Dating games – how to get what you want!

Dating games – how to get what you want!

The dating games that women and men play are absolutely different. They have quite different outlooks and concerns and define the rules and strategies accordingly. Maybe such tricks help to keep relationship alive and dashing?

If so, it is important to master a couple of tricks but it is even more important to feel when your partner is playing with you and react correspondingly. 

A couple of useful hints about female desires for our virile men to understand what dating games do most women like to play.

-Women may not always tell you what they want, but deep inside they always long for a caring and loving partner who would accept them as they are and would bring happiness into their lives. 

-Most women are assured that all good listeners make up for a great partner. So be all ears when she talks and do encourage your partner to express herself. No less important factor is to learn to express your feelings openly and try to understand her needs and requirements. Women want trustworthy relationships with witty men. 

-If you are confident on your sense of humor, flaunt it. Women love men who make them smile. 

-Keep up with your commitments as this is the thing that your woman is going to love in you for sure. Showering your woman with expensive gifts, but not being committed to her is a big turn off for most of women.

The real deal about the dating games women play is that you got to guess. They will never tell you what is in their mind directly, so you’ll always have to figure out what is she thinking at the moment and whether it has something to do with what she tells. There is no insurmountable obstacle for man and you are surely going to succeed in understanding the mind of your lady, (but only as much as she wants to be understood).

A great relation is as much important to one as to the other. Your partner’s commitment relies on your level of commitment. Don’t be investigative. Keep a healthy humor. Begin with unpretentious, generic & common topics. Dating is most fun when you are the funny one. So accept the dating games with humor and keep that wittiness in your relationship.  

She’s chosen you as her date. Just be yourself and always remember – you are not competitors, you are fighting and trying to win, but both of you play for the same team and the dating game she plays will only make you closer if you simply  

Don’t let the chance of building a beautiful relationship go off from your hands so easily! But what is more important make sure that you share your intimate & loving feelings with the right kind of woman.

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