How to Read Body Language Signs

How to Read Body Language Signs

We are all interested in understanding people’s intentions and attitudes. At times communications barriers or not communicating at all may leave one in the dark about the other party. Body language is language that can help to understand the non verbal communications that may exist between the two of you. It helps one to understand what the other person is thinking and predict his actions.


There are signs that can help an individual to be able to read and understand the body language of the other. They say that the eye is the window to the soul. Being able to read the eyes of an individual is so important, it could actually help you to get the information you are looking for. When the eye’s pupil is dilated, it normally interprets to interest. The topic of discussion you and the other party is talking about is of interest to the other individual. However, depending also on the circumstance and nature of the person, it could mean the person is on drugs or lacks sleep. The gaze of the eye means different things also. When an individual gazes at you straight in the eyes, it shows confidence and concentration. It is so important that one makes eye contact. A gaze to the other side could mean that the individual feels guilty. In relationships this could help to interpret the faithfulness of a partner. An individual who faces down could also interpret to shame less confidence or low esteem.


Eyebrows also help to understand body language. A raised eyebrow could be used to mean that the person is shocked or surprised. The degree of the raise could help one know the extent of the shock the individual is. When greeting a person and you are not able to use your hands, eyebrows could help you. When an individual raises or flicks their eyebrows up and down, it normally interprets to a greeting or acknowledgement.

Legs also help to interpret body language, when an individual has stood up with crossed legs; it normally interprets to that individual being shy and not confident. But if seated and the legs are crossed, it could mean the person is protective. However, if the legs are open it could mean the person is relaxed. When in a conversation with someone and their feet are facing your direction, it means the person is interested and is paying attention to what you are discussing, but if the feet of the individual is facing away or in the opposite direction, the person is disinterested with what you are saying and also the individual might not be comfortable in the situation.


Arms could also help one read body language. Folded arm could mean that an individual is angry or does not approve of whatever you are saying or doing. Open arms on the other hand shows that the individual is relaxed and honest.

It is therefore important to be careful in the body language you portray, lest you are misinterpreted.

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